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Foot Step New Holland T6000 T7 RH Info Fits the following Ford New Holland Series': T6000 Series, T7 Series,
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Ford New Holland

T6000 Series

T6030 Delta, T6050 Delta, T6070 Delta

T7000 Series

T7030, T7040, T7050, T7060

T7 Series

T7.150, T7.165, T7.175, T7.190, T7.210, T7.230, T7.245, T7.260 Classic

T6000 Range Command

T6030 RC, T6050 RC, T6070 RC, T6080 RC, T6090 RC

T6000 Power Command

T6030 PC, T6050 PC, T6070 PC, T6080 PC, T6090 PC

T7 Auto Command T7.220 AC, T7.230 AC, T7.235 AC, T7.245 AC, T7.250 AC, T7.260 AC, T7.270 AC

T7 Power Command

T7.170 PC, T7.185 PC, T7.220 PC, T7.235 PC, T7.250 PC, T7.260 PC

T7000 Auto Command

T7030 AC, T7040 AC, T7050 AC, T7060 AC, T7070 AC

T7000 Power Command

T7030 PC, T7040 PC, T7050 PC, T7060 PC

T7 Classic

T7.230 Classic, T7.245 Classic

T7 Sidewinder II

T7.230 Sidewinder II, T7.245 Sidewinder II, T7.260 Sidewinder II

Case IHC

Maxxum Series

Maxxum 145 Multicontroller, Maxxum 150, Maxxum 150 Multicontroller

MXU Series

MXU100, MXU100 Pro, MXU100 XLine, MXU110, MXU110 Pro, MXU110 X, MXU110 XLine, MXU115, MXU115 Pro, MXU115 XLine, MXU125, MXU125 Pro, MXU130, MXU130 XLine, MXU135, MXU135 Pro

Puma Series

Puma 125, Puma 140, Puma 155, Puma 165, Puma 165 CVT, Puma 165 CVX, Puma 1654, Puma 170, Puma 170 CVX, Puma 180, Puma 180 CVT, Puma 180 CVX, Puma 1804, Puma 185, Puma 185 CVT, Puma 185 CVX, Puma 1854, Puma 195, Puma 195 CVT, Puma 195 CVX, Puma 200, Puma 200 CVT, Puma 200 CVX, Puma 210, Puma 210 CVX, Puma 215, Puma 215 CVX, Puma 220, Puma 220 CVT, Puma 220 CVX, Puma 225 CVT, Puma 225 CVX, Puma 230 CVX, Puma 2304, Puma 240 CVX


CVT 6000 Series CVT6165, CVT6170, CVT6180, CVT6185, CVT6200, CVT6205, CVT6210, CVT6215, CVT6220, CVT6225, CVT6230, CVT6240

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